Data Preparation, Monitoring and Analysis tailored for Business Users

The Tale of Data platform is the shortest way to deploy your data preparation and monitoring processes (flows *) into production.

Easy to use

Tale of Data has a very fast learning curve, even for non-IT people.

Data preparations are point and click operations.

Relevant data transformations are automatically suggested to the user (Auto Data Prep).

Easy to automate

The execution of the Tale of Data engine can be scheduled or inserted into existing data pipelines (REST API).

Tale of Data jobs can run:

  • In big data clusters, on-premise or in the cloud. 

  • On a single physical server (without any cluster).

Easy to integrate

With Tale of Data, you can:

Read records from any data source.

Write records to any target.

Use an API for data cataloging, data quality assessment, data transformation and data validation.

Designed for the Enterprise


Share flows with other users.

Add validations and notes on flows shared by other users.

Data Lineage

Automatically generate PDF documents describing all the operations performed by your flows.

Ensure end-to-end control of all your data processes using powerful flow & dataset lineage features.


Deploy your data preparation & monitoring flows into production in one click.

Add user-configured runtime alerts at any stage of a flow.


* Flow : a flow is a data processing graph designed interactively by the user, in order to perform data remediation, preparation and monitoring tasks. A flow is, by definition, designed for production.