Agent d'assurance


False declarations


Risk assessment 

Solvency II (pillar 3)


Our client wishes to improve the effectiveness of controls on inactive accounts or dormant life insurance contracts.

The Tale of Data solution allows it to uniquely identify its customers:

- Reconciliation of highly similar natural or legal persons thanks to the multi-criteria, multi-algorithm deduplication engine

- Use of our phonetic search algorithm: one letter gap, sound / close phonetics ("au" "eau" "o")

- Determination of a similarity score allowing fine deduplication

- Get rid of punctuation, spaces or unwanted characters in names

- Enrichment with external repositories (business repositories, Open Data, INSEE files, etc.)

Tale of Data makes it possible to analyze and detect acts presenting an anomaly or an inconsistency.

​ Fraud detection is carried out by an automatic query system. A list of relevant business criteria is determined beforehand. This list is then integrated into a repository in the solution, it allows our algorithms to identify dissonant behaviors, suspicious links or even to detect inconsistencies.

Other scenarios are possible, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your business cases.