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Insurance agent



Dormant policies

Risk assessment 

Solvency II (pillar 3)


Our client wants better controls of inactive accounts and dormant life insurance contracts.

The Tale of Data solution produces unique client identification.

  • Matching of very similar individuals and companies using the multi-criteria, multi-algorithm deduplication engine

  • Use our phonetic search algorithm: single letter difference, similar sounds (French "au" "eau" and "o")

  • Producing a similarity score to allow very accurate deduplication

  • Remove punctuation, spaces and unwanted characters from names

  • Enrichment with external repositories (business repositories, open data, INSEE files, etc.)

Tale of Data lets you analyze and detect documents that present anomalies or inconsistencies.

Fraud is detected using automatic queries. A list of relevant business criteria is drawn up and integrated into the solution as a repository, allowing our algorithms to identify unusual behaviors, suspicious links and inconsistencies.

Other scenarios are possible, please contact us to discuss your business cases.

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