Corporate Finance and Banking

Risk-weighted assets (RWA), BCBS-239, KYC, Basel III

BCBS 239 - Compliance

Our client, one of the most important private banking players in Europe, had an obligation to comply with the BCBS 239 standard.


On January 9, 2013, the Basel Committee published a set of principles under the name BCBS 239, the objective of which was to enable banks to increase their reporting capacity and the accuracy of regulatory reports.

Solution provided by Tale of Data

Automated Quality Audit report detecting anomalies at the cell, field or record level: missing or malformed data, insufficient number of decimal places, outliers, duplicates.

Consistency check: business rules engine in natural language in order to detect business inconsistencies (e.g. for a given record, field A and field B cannot be simultaneously empty).

Chaining and automation of data processing (Flows).


Reduced production time for regulatory reports.

Automated data aggregation: alerts are automatically raised in case of violation of consistency checking rules.

Production of accurate and reliable risk data.

Reduced risk of non-compliance.

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