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Credit risk (RWA), BCBS-239, KYC, Basel III

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BCBS 239: Compliance

Our client, one of the most important players in private banking in Europe, had to comply with the BCBS 239.

On January 9, 2013, the Basel Committee published a set of principles under the name BCBS 239 whose objective is to enable banks to improve their capacity to produce and improve the reliability of regulatory reporting.

Proposed solution

Automated audit report on quality to detect anomalies at cell, field and record level: missing and malformed data, insufficient number of decimal points, outliers, duplicates.

Consistency check: engine for business rules written in natural language to detect business inconsistencies (e.g. fields A and B in any particular record cannot both be blank at the same time).

Chaining and automation processing (Flow).


Faster regulatory reporting.

Automated data aggregation: alerts are automatically triggered if consistency rules are broken.

Production of accurate and reliable data on risk.

Reduction innon-compliance risk.

Other scenarios are possible, please contact us to discuss your business cases.

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