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Data reliability before migration to a new tool

Ensure data reliability when migrating to a new tool: CRM, ERP, etc.


The need


Improved data quality and long-term control of data reliability the reliability of this data was an essential prerequisite for the success of our customer's future projects, foremost among which was the migration to a new platform.

Proposed solution


Automated Quality Audit report detecting anomalies at cell, column or row level: missing or ill-formed data, outliers, duplicates.

Automation of data quality operations: rectification, homogenization, enrichment by fuzzy joins on surnames and first names, deduplication.

Implementation of the validation rules requested by the customer (Tale of Data business rules engine).

Creation of alert dashboards, to anticipate and prevent any decline in data quality over time.



Reduced data migration time to the customer's new database.

Increased efficiency of business/IT collaboration on data reliability.

Significant increase in reporting consistency thanks to improved data quality.

Reduced risk on a project in difficulty: the migration of all their data to their new platform.

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