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Data governance, a challenge for e-commerce

Discover how Tale of Data has revolutionized data management at Manutan by automating data processing, facilitating the merging of various sources and enabling efficient sharing of workflows. 


The need


To meet its Data Driven strategy and governance challenges, Manutan is looking to improve the quality of its data. The aim is to guarantee the efficiency of operational processes, monitor data quality in its campaigns, and engage in a continuous improvement process to meet customer expectations.


  • Europe's largest supplier of products and services for businesses and local authorities.

  • Management of a catalog of over 1 million items.

  • Presence in 17 countries with 28 European subsidiaries.

  • 2,300 employees.

  • Sales of over 900 million euros in 2022 (+10%).


Proposed solution

Data standardization with AI

The Tale of Data solution incorporates Artificial Intelligence algorithms that facilitate the automatic and intelligent normalization of data. This process transforms raw data into a standardized format, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Discover the power of AI for accurate data normalization with Tale of Data on our : normalize your data.




Harmonization of the Manutan catalog

The power of Tale of Data has enabled them to industrialize their data quality processes. In record time, Manutan was able to harmonize its product catalog, comprising hundreds of thousands of references.

Drastic reduction in manual tasks

By adopting Tale of Data to manage its catalog, Manutan has drastically reduced its reliance on manual tasks. Thanks to the automation and user-friendliness of the solution, the processing of large quantities of data has been accelerated, transforming certain tasks that used to take a week into a few hours.

Security and collaboration for the customer experience

In compliance with legal obligations, our collaborative data analysis and remediation features enhance the customer experience, prevent customer returns and maximize sales.

Easy to combine and share data

The solution can easily integrate a variety of data sources, whether in the form of files or databases, while facilitating the sharing of workflows with multiple users, particularly those in the operational professions.

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