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Normalize data

Automatically normalize and standardize your data in seconds using the artificial intelligence embedded in Tale of Data.


AI to normalize your data

Tale of Data has Artificial Intelligence algorithms offering transformations to normalize your data.


Choose your own reference standards and Tale of Data will make sure that all your data (product catalogs, repositories, ...) conform to them, all in a few clicks.


Save time on data preparation and let our solution do the tedious work you do manually.


Automatically normalize your data

Once you have chosen a transformation, Tale of Data will automatically normalize all data according to the rules you have defined.

Data harmonization is then performed in a few seconds, even on a very large volume of data.


Standardization, a key step to ensure consistent and accurate results 

Define your own data normalization standards

Our solution includes a wide range of ready-to-use transformations.

In addition to the hundreds of "off-the-shelf" transformations available to users, everyone has the possibility to create and apply their own correction or data standardization rules.


By using our solution, users can customize their normalization rules to meet their needs.

This flexibility of Tale of Data guarantees:

  • Adaptation to your organization's specific use cases,

  • Adaptation to the specific transformation needs of your sectors of activity, your customers, your products or services.

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Find out how to optimize the e-commerce customer experience through data standardization in our article :

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