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Why Data Visualization?

"With our new Data Visualization module, we enable our customers to

to put their BI projects into production with reliable data in record time," said Jean-Christophe Bouramoué, CTO of Tale of Data.

With the arrival of the Data Visualization module, Tale of Data becomes a fully integrated platform allowing users without IT skills to verify, make reliable and visualize data in an autonomous, efficient and industrializable way.

You are now offering a new version of your software that emphasizes data visualization. Are you changing your positioning in relation to data preparation?

Our positioning has not changed, quite the contrary. Our ambition has always been to offer an end-to-end data platform that can be used by both the business and IT departments and that can be taken up in less than a day.

The addition of Data Visualization goes in this direction: visualization and data preparation are intrinsically linked. Without data preparation, you can't trust the dashboards you are presented with, no matter how ergonomic they are (Garbage In -> Garbage Out). Conversely, when you have verified, deduplicated, standardized and enriched data, a boulevard opens up before you in terms of visualization possibilities.

In fact, it was our customers who pushed us to take the plunge: they wanted a fully integrated solution that would allow them to design and share dashboards upstream and downstream of data reliability.

With data visualization, you are entering a highly competitive, not to say saturated, sector. How do you plan to stand out?

Precisely by highlighting the maturity of our platform in terms of data preparation. If you look closely, a number of data visualization solutions offer a data preparation module (to name two of the best known players: Tableau Software and Power BI)

We offer much more than a data preparation "module": Tale of Data is a platform (SaaS, Cloud or On premise) allowing users without IT skills to verify/prepare/factualize data in an autonomous, efficient and industrializable way.

When you embark on a BI project, vendors usually present you with rather attractive license prices. In reality, a significant number of man-days (internal resources, consulting or support) will be added to the price of the licenses in order to feed the solution, which you have just bought, with usable and coherent data. Making the data usable for analysis generally represents 70 to 80% of the time of a Data project. In fact, it can take months (or even longer), and you are rarely told that.

Our difference lies precisely in our ability to greatly reduce these costs: we are the only data visualization solution that allows you to be in production with reliable data in just a few days.

Can you tell us more about your approach to data visualization?

Tale of Data is a platform built on three principles: ease of use, ease of integration (connectors) and ease of automation. This is the best guarantee for our customers to be able to make their data processing evolve themselves without resorting to consulting. Data Visualization was designed like the other parts of the software, respecting these 3 principles: creating a dashboard with verified data and publishing it takes a few minutes.

We believe that storytelling makes all the difference when it comes to decision making, so we have opted for a "Data Story Telling" approach: in other words, we allow our users to tell relevant stories with data represented in graphic form. How do you see the future of Tale of Data? Radiant (laughs...) We are very optimistic, we have some very nice customers, including some heavyweights from the CAC 40, and the software is acclaimed by our users. I remember a little phrase from a user at one of our biggest customers who told us one day

day: "once you've tried Tale of Data, there's no turning back". This is very flattering, but it doesn't make our ankles swell, far from it... It rather makes us want to keep improving the product, on a daily basis. Today, paradoxically, we don't communicate much: we are a "company of passionate engineers" who try to make the best product in the world for people who want to learn...

We are convinced that valuing data should not be reserved for an elite group of so-called knowledgeable people. We believe that adding value to data should not be reserved for an elite group of so-called knowledgeable people. We are regularly surprised, and we love it, by what our users do with the platform: their business expertise combined with the autonomy that the software offers them allow them to find solutions to problems that we would have been unable to solve in their place!

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