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Audit the data

Automatically identify inconsistencies in the data as well as transformations suggested by the solution.


Let Tale of Data discover the quality of your data 

Tale of Data provides its users with advanced audit functions. They allow you to analyze all your data sources in order to : 

  • Automatically identify missing or malformed data,

  • identify inconsistent or outlier data,

  • map the data: anomalies, their semantics (url, country, siret, ...), those with personal characters (name, phone number, RIB, e-mail ...),

  • measure the quality of the data via a quality index.

The Tale of Data solution allows an initial evaluation of the quality level of your data thanks to its audits.

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Improve the quality of your data by 50% in a few weeks by applying the corrections suggested by Tale of Data

Support the evolution of your data

Tale of Data offers a complete solution to help you track the quality of your data over time.

With regular quality audits, you can quickly identify any adverse changes in the quality of your data.

With Tale of Data as your "quality firewall", the quality of your data is protected and you are alerted in case of data quality decline.

By taking a proactive approach, you can build a sustainable and effective data quality policy over the long term.

Create quality audit reports in one click

Automated Quality Audit Report detects anomalies:

  • at the cell, field or record level

  • it identifies missing or ill-formed data such as: insufficient number of decimal places, outliers, duplicates or "near duplicates

Detect the presence of sensitive data

Mass Data Discovery detects the presence of all sensitive data present in your IS, regardless of volume.

This data can concern information held on employees but also on suppliers or customers.


A report listing all tables containing this sensitive information is generated by the solution. This feature allows the detection of Shadow IT / Rogue IT.

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Harness the full potential of your data by scheduling a demonstration

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