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Data Compliance

Make the most of data that complies with various laws, in particular the RGPD, thanks to the various functionalities offered by our solution.

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Ensure data compliance with Tale of Data : 

use compliant with compliance, security and integrity


Compliance of your data is a foundation of all data strategies. There are more and more laws governing how data must be managed: the best known is the RGPD law. This obligation to comply also indicates better data security and integrity through anonymization.


With Tale of Data, you have a complete solution for complying with the law and the various regulations in your sector concerning your data, which can be used for data-driven decision-making. Thanks to advanced features such as Mass Data Discovery, you can guarantee the integrity of your data and determine the existence of personal or sensitive data in your databases. Find out more about our specific use cases related to data compliance and its challenges.

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Explore our Data Compliance use cases


Use case

Identify, locate and manage sensitive personal data to ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.

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    Data compliance is a process that identifies applicable governance for data protection, security, storage and other activities, and establishes policies, procedures and protocols to ensure that data is fully protected against unauthorized access and use, malware and other cybersecurity threats.
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