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Documentation & reports

Tale of Data automatically produces two types of documents: reports listing all the transformation/remediation operations performed by a given process (flow) and quality audit reports on one or more data sets.


Automatically document your processes

As soon as a process (flow) is designed in Tale of Data, the exhaustive list of transformation/remediation operations it contains can be generated automatically in PDF format. 

It will be very easy for other people, who would like to use your work, to understand in detail all the transformations you have applied to a dataset.

Tale of Data performs qualitative and semantic analysis on millions of data sets, in a single pass, regardless of their location (network, cloud, etc.).

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Generate data quality reports 

Tale of data allows you to produce PDF or Excel reports that perform a double analysis on all your data in a single pass, regardless of where it is stored: on a database server or on a file tree.

  • Anomaly mapping: counting missing, aberrant, malformed, poorly standardized data (= spelling discrepancies despite strong similarity. Ex: T-Shirt & Tshirt).


  • A semantic mapping, therefore according to the meaning: each line of each table is analyzed in search of sensitive data: names, first names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, IBAN,... 

Control your sensitive data

Tale of Data's data quality reports give you the opportunity to have full control over your data, in real time. This documentation has a dual purpose:

  1. list the problems encountered and to propose solutions to correct them.

  2. list zones containing sensitive data : Which database? Which table, which column?


Create your reports in a few clicks

In addition to automatic reports, Tale of Data allows you to create different types of reports or dashboards from your data by drag and drop:

  • Business reports: reports requested internally by different departments in your organization, 

  • Regulatory reporting: very present in certain sectors such as banking or insurance (ANACREDIT or FICOBA for example),

  • accounting or financial reporting: to facilitate the analysis, exploitation and sharing of information on the financial activities of a company.

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Harness the full potential of your data by scheduling a demonstration

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