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Generative AI in Tale of Data

Tale of Data now includes generative AI, revolutionizing data quality. With this breakthrough, Tale of Data has taken another step towards democratization, enabling anyone to express their instructions in natural language.


Leverage generative AI for optimum data quality

The arrival of generative AI at Tale of Data radically transforms the approach to data:

  • Accessible to all: designed to be accessible to all, the functionality enables professionals from all walks of life to contribute to improving data quality, without any specific technical expertise.

  • Cost control: Once you've performed an operation, Tale of Data lets you reuse that operation without having to call on the AI again. This means significant savings on AI API tokens, optimizing your resources and effectively controlling costs.

  • Advanced functions without code: data transformation and advanced analysis can be carried out without a single line of code, simply by interacting in natural language.

  • Data confidentiality: the use of AI on anonymized data enhances data protection, bringing Tale of Data into line with the most stringent security standards.

  • Efficient high-volume processing: this technology can rapidly process several million items of data, simplifying data correction and enhancement on an unprecedented scale.

  • Reliability and precise tracking: with detailed documentation and tracking of every action, Tale of Data ensures impeccable data quality, reducing the risk of errors.

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Increase the quality of your data by 50% in just a few weeks with generative AI and Tale of Data.

Transforming data with generative AI


With Tale of Data, express your data transformation requirements in natural language, thanks to the integration of generative AI :

  • Automatically structure address blocks by separating headings (street, city, zip code).

  • Cut strings by simply specifying the desired format, rendering obsolete the need to understand and use complex regular expressions for simple tasks.

  • Apply time intervals to dates in a simplified way, facilitating time analysis and reporting without requiring in-depth programming knowledge.

  • Standardize formats, including international phone numbers and dates.

  • Correct input errors and separate full names into first and last names.

  • Enrich data by creating customized columns, such as extracting departments from zip codes.

Tale of Data's generative AI transforms the way you interact with your data, making it as simple as a conversation, while guaranteeing continuous improvement in data quality.

Generate high-quality audit reports with generative AI

The generative AI built into Tale of Data makes it easy to generate high-quality audit reports, identifying :


  • Specific anomalies in cells, fields or records.

  • Common errors such as incorrect formats, outliers and duplicates.

  • Recommendations for corrections based on in-depth analyses.

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Explore the impact of no code on AI and data quality with this edito : 

Also discover the replay of our webinar, including an exclusive demo of the data quality revolution through generative AI :


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