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Tale of Data

Turn your expertise into shared success

Discover the benefits of the Tale of Data partner program to boost your margins and retain your customers in their digital transformation. Join a community of leaders in data preparation, and marry your technology with our platform to accelerate the discovery, preparation, analysis and deployment of large-scale data. Together, we open up new opportunities for your company and your customers.">Designed by / Freepik
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Partnerships at Tale of Data: a synergy of values and expertise

At Tale of Data, we value partnerships as a strategic extension of our mission. We offer you the opportunity to become a privileged partner as a digital services company (DSC), software publisher or solutions integrator.


By recommending our next-generation data preparation solution to your customers, you enable them to take full advantage of its power. Together, we offer optimized data solutions that meet your customers' digital transformation needs. These collaborations enrich our offering and guarantee customized, cutting-edge data quality solutions.

Our ESN partners

Join Tale of Data as a digital services company. Your consulting and project management skills strengthen our data quality solutions. Together, we can provide our customers with tailor-made support, combining our data quality expertise with your strategic and operational skills.


Our technology partners

Our technology partners play an essential role in our quest for innovation. Through these collaborations, we integrate the latest technological advances to enrich and secure our data quality solution, offering our customers high-performance tools adapted to today's data processing challenges.

Denodo is a leader in data management. Its award-winning core platform for data integration, management and delivery. It uses a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration and enterprise data services. With over 400% ROI and millions of dollars in benefits, Denodo's customers - large and mid-sized companies in over 30 industries - have enjoyed a return on investment in less than 6 months. For more information, visit or call +1 877 556 2531 (USA) / +44 (0) 20 7869 8053 (UK) / +65 6950 7489 (Singapore).

Snowflake revolutionizes data management with its award-winning cloud platform. This data integration, management and delivery platform uses a logical approach that facilitates self-service business intelligence (BI), data science, and hybrid and multi-cloud data integration. To find out more about Snowflake and its innovative platform, visit or contact +1 877 556 2531 (US) / +44 (0) 20 7869 8053 (UK) / +65 6950 7489 (Singapore).


OVHcloud stands out as a leader in web hosting and cloud computing. Its platform, which has won awards for innovation and reliability, offers a complete range of cloud services, from web hosting to more complex infrastructure solutions such as private, public and hybrid clouds. To explore the breadth of OVHcloud's services and discover how they can support your digital transformation, visit or contact +1 855 684 5463 (US) / +44 20 7357 6616 (UK) / +65 3163 8340 (Singapore).

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Expand your horizons with Tale of Data Partnerships

Discover the various partnership programs Tale of Data offers to help you collaborate and innovate together. Whether you're a solution integrator, an influential industry consultant or a software publisher, we've designed programs to enrich and enhance your expertise while leveraging our industry-leading solution. Join us and explore the many ways you can collaborate and grow with Tale of Data.

Discover our different types of partnership


"Solution Integrator Program".

The Tale of Data Partner Program for integrators provides a comprehensive set of technical, marketing, and sales resources for partners to develop and promote their expertise in collaboration with the Tale of Data solution.

"Influencers Program

The Tale of Data Partner Program for Consultants offers business benefits to partners who participate in the sale of the Tale of Data solution.

"Software Vendor Solutions Program".

The Tale of Data partner program is designed to help software vendors accelerate their solution's time to market and generate new revenue streams.

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