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Visualize your data

Visualizing your data means showing what there is to understand, it's the art of telling figures where spreadsheets bore us.


Optimize your decisions with dataviz

Tale of Data's Data Visualization allows you to have, within the same software, the power of the data quality module and their visualization. You can therefore be sure that your dashboards are fed with corrected and validated data, a prerequisite for any coherent and informed decision making.


Visualize your data with the dashboard

With Tale of Data's dashboards, visualize all your data in a simple and concise way to easily deduce trends or key results.

Customize the information according to your needs to evaluate your company's performance in real time and make the right decisions.

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Preview your data as soon as the quality phase begins

Visualizing your data is a fast and efficient way to detect outliers or malformed data.

The ability to view your data while correcting it allows you to:

  • to have a better understanding of the anomalies still present in your data,

  • tobe much more effective and comprehensive in remediation.

Previewing your data, during the quality control phase, means understanding in near real time the relevance of the remediation operations you are carrying out. With Tale of Data, at each stage of data quality, all the errors and inconsistencies still present are easily spotted thanks to the numerous graphs that you can create without leaving your quality work environment.


Jean-Christophe Bouramoué, Founder & CTO


With our new Data Visualization module, we enable our customers to

put their BI projects into production with reliable data in record time.

An ergonomic graphic interface for the production of dashboards

Using drag and drop, users can create shareable dashboards with a wide variety of charts in minutes. 

These dashboards allow you to view quality KPIs, but also the data itself.

It is possible toadd explanations on a graph to guide the recipients of the dashboard in their analysis(Data Story Telling).

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Harness the full potential of your data by scheduling a demonstration

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