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Automate your processes

Plan all your data quality processes and automate repetitive tasks.


Automate your processes in a few clicks

Automation is the signature feature of Tale of Data.


The solution features a drag-and-drop processing automation tool. Create the process you want to automate, and you'll never have to do it again. 

You can cut the time you spend on tedious tasks such as checking and correcting data by a factor of 10.

You'll have more time to focus on your core business.

Plan your treatments in one click

When you launch a new flow, the tool proposes its planning. The timing of this planning is up to you: do you want to replay the treatment every hour? Every day? The first or the last day of the month? The periodicity can go from a few minutes to several times a year.


Also choose the notification strategy. You can choose to be notified: 

  • after the successful completion of the treatment,

  • only if the treatment fails,

  • only if some of your control or quality rules are not respected.


Automatically generate your reports

If your treatment produces a report, Tale of Data generates it and can email it to you with your updated data.


Automating business or regulatory reporting is a critical function for any company that handles large amounts of data.


The automation of no-code processing is a key feature of Tale of Data

Eliminate repetitive and redundant manual tasks

Tale of data sends you a pdf or excel report that lists a large amount of data such as: mapping of areas where sensitive data is located, duplicates and near duplicates as well as performance data such as nature or type invalidities.


Improve the reliability of your treatments

When tasks are performed manually with a certain number of transformation steps on the data, it is quite frequent that errors (input, calculation) slip in, errors that can be very difficult to detect. These errors can have a significant impact on the company's operations and results.

With Tale of Data, you can automate your processing to ensure that data quality is maintained.

By entrusting this responsibility to the solution, you save time and ensure reliable processing (and therefore reliable results) by avoiding human errors.


Take advantage of real-time generated documentation

Tale of Data offers its users the documentation of the processes it performs. Thanks to this functionality, manual documentation is no longer necessary.

All operations, corrections, enhancements and normalizations are automatically recorded by the solution and produced in a downloadable report.


This feature frees you from the tedious but essential task of manual documentation, since all actions are automatically recorded.

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