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Data Mesh

Discover optimized data organization and use thanks to Data Mesh.

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Optimize your data management with Data Mesh 

Exploit your data more efficiently and agilely.


Data Mesh rethinks the way data is organized and used within companies. This innovative approach decentralizes data management, entrusting ownership and responsibility to business functions, grouped into functional areas of the company. Each domain is an expert in its own data, and guarantees its quality and management.

One of the founding principles of Data Mesh is to consider data as a product in its own right, rather than as the input or output of a process. Once data has been elevated to the status of a product, it must offer certain guarantees, including a high level of quality (proven by understandable metrics), ease of discovery and, of course, ease of consumption.

Tale of Data plays an essential role in a Data Mesh architecture: that of manufacturing and controlling data sets (aka "products") offering optimum quality. Tale of Data's intrinsic features enable efficient collaboration between business teams and data teams, who can both use the solution: no-code, ease of use, assistance from several AIs on reliability and control tasks, native Data Observability for real-time monitoring.

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Explore our practical applications of Data Mesh :

Find out how Grand Nancy used Data Mesh to overcome heterogeneous data challenges, ensure RGPD compliance and improve cross-sector collaboration.

See also our article on the subject:

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