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Data professionals

Manage, clean and analyze your data with ease.

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Unleash the power of your data

Simplify the management and analysis of your data, ensure its quality and transform it into valuable insights for your organization. Optimize your data management processes, minimize errors and fully exploit the value of your data to make informed decisions and drive growth.

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Explore our real-life use cases and get the best possible overview of your data

Data reliability

Use case

Reliability of the data in a 'Products' catalog

Ensure the quality and consistency of your catalog data for an optimal customer experience.


Use case

Reconciliation of product catalog repositories

Compare and match product catalog repositories for a unified, accurate view of information.


Use case

Multiple database aggregation with record lineage

Gather and consolidate data from multiple sources with traceability for a complete, reliable view.


Use case

Personal data mapping 

Identify, locate and manage RGPD personal datato ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.


Use case

Standardization of data from different sources

Harmonize data from different sources for seamless integration and a consistent view.


Use case

Data governance, a challenge for e-commerce

Discover how Tale of Data has revolutionized data management at Manutan by automating data processing, facilitating the merging of various sources and enabling efficient sharing of workflows. 

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