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Trade and distribution

Optimize your trade and distribution operations and improve the efficiency of your supply chain with our data management solution.

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Improve the performance and visibility of your business in the retail sector

In the retail and distribution sectors, effective data management is essential. 

Our solution focuses on centralizing data from a variety of sources. By pooling information, we reduce complexity and inconsistencies, enabling better analysis and understanding. This centralization is the first step towards more strategic and targeted data management.

Data cleansing is another crucial step in our process. We eliminate errors, duplicates and inconsistencies that can distort your analyses and decisions. By purifying your data, we guarantee its reliability and accuracy, ensuring that your business decisions are based on quality information.

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Explore our specialized use cases in the retail sector

Data reliability

Use case

Reliability of the data in a 'Products' catalog

Optimize the quality and consistency of your product catalog in the retail sector with our data reliability solution.


Use case

Data governance, a challenge for e-commerce

Discover how Tale of Data has revolutionized data management at Manutan by automating data processing, facilitating the merging of various sources and enabling efficient sharing of workflows. 


Use case

Reconciliation of product catalog repositories

Unify and harmonize product catalog repositories in the retail sector with our reconciliation solution. 

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Optimizing the e-commerce customer experience: the importance of data standardization

How do you ensure that every visitor finds exactly what they're looking for, when they're looking for it, and that they're satisfied enough to come back again and again? 

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