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TotalEnergies customer testimonial


Benoît Soleilhavoup, Data Engineer One Tech / Data Quality & Modeling at TotalEnergiesshares his experience with Tale of Data.

The company: TotalEnergies

Faced with the challenge of climate change, TotalEnergies is transforming itself with the ambition of becoming a major player in the energy transition, in particular by accelerating its development in renewable energies and aiming for carbon neutrality in 2050.

The Group, a global producer and supplier of multi-energy products such as oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewable energies and electricity, is present in over 130 countries. Its 100,000 employees are committed to making energy ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

The challenge

TotalEnergies' digital transformation

The need for reliable data is paramount to the success of their many projects, particularly digital ones, in France and abroad. These projects include :

  • Analysis of well drilling reporting data.

  • Data monitoring of oil installation sensors.

  • Data monitoring of offshore wind turbines.

  • Support functions such as HR data management, BtoC and BtoB Marketing and Services.

  • IT projects such as system migration or large-scale IT deployment.

Business user needs

All employees in their respective industries have an imperative need for quality data. They need to be able to check, verify and correct it quickly, easily and autonomously, while collaborating with the Data teams.

The search for a solution

Following a call for tenders, Tale of Data was chosen by TotalEnergies.

"Our challenges were to have a tool designed to detect and remedy data quality problems in our various heterogeneous data sources" - Benoît Soleilhoup. Benoît Soleilhavoup, Data Engineer at One Tech.
"And it was essential for us to have confidence in data in our projects and especially digital projects (reporting, AI,...)".


Data reliability and accessibility

Tale of Data's solution focuses on making data reliable. It enables data to be exploited and made accessible to all those who need it in their business, without the need for coding.

The no code approach

Benoît Soleilhavoup emphasizes the importance of this approach: "Low code-no code is a major axis in the digital transformation of a company like TotalEnergies". As a data engineer, his role is to develop data pipeline structures. The aim is to make them as reliable and exploitable as possible for the various business users.

Autonomy and data enhancement

The solution enables any user to set up a data quality process without having to call in data engineers. Tale of Data thus offers a new approach to adding value to data and monitoring it in real time.


Strategic choice of Tale of Data

Tale of Data was chosen by TotalEnergies for its "citizen-no code" functionalities and interfaces, enabling rapid implementation.

"We chose Tale of Data because the tool features citizen-no code-oriented functionalities and interfaces, and enables rapid implementation."

Time series management

TotalEnergies' global oil facility sensor monitoring project, focusing on "Timeseries" data, highlighted the power of Tale of Data.

"Time series management, both in terms of controls and performance, was a differentiating factor. We had a quality problem with the legacy base of this data, which is very old." - Benoît Soleilhavoup.

HR data management in Congo

As part of an HR data management project in the Congo, TotalEnergies wanted to check and control that data located in several databases was consistent with each other, and with defined business rules. The Tale of Data solution saves time in controlling this data (e.g. visualization of rotating positions) and comparing it between their various HR tools.

Autonomy and monitoring

Tale of Data is a stand-alone tool that handles data quality and monitoring tasks.

"We spend less time making sure our data is quality since we have a tool that helps us do it automatically. We can even schedule it." - Benoît Soleilhavoup.

The future of collaboration

Beyond current projects, the future of the collaboration between TotalEnergies and Tale of Data focuses on the acculturation of teams to the importance of data quality.

"Every two months, our Tale of Data users exchange best practices, share their impressions of the solution's functionalities, and learn about new features."
"Tale of Data brings autonomy and simplicity to our business users, enabling them to define the quality controls that require in-depth knowledge of their data. concludes Benoît Soleilhavoup.


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