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No code: a major step forward for data quality, a giant leap for AI

By Jean-Christophe Bouramoué


The challenge of data quality in the digital transformation of organizations

Dramatic advances in AI algorithms offer companies new opportunities for growth.

Every day, we witness this far-reaching digital transformation, driven by AI, at our customers' sites.

To improve performance and decision-making, companies need to rely on high-quality data, so as not to compromise the results of predictive models.

Unfortunately, AI projects often disappoint because of the difficulty of sustainably addressing data quality issues.

The bottom line is: those who understand data don't know how to manipulate it, and those who know how to manipulate it don't understand it.

No code's contribution to data reliability and the democratization of AI

In this context, the no-code approach to data reliability represents an important step forward. It enables an intuitive user experience and promotes rapid adoption, without sacrificingr neitherpower and efficiency;


What's more, the power of the AI algorithms embedded in our platform breaks down technical barriers, enabling all users, whatever their profession, to use it and make it their own.

The benefits of our approach

  • Collaboration and empowerment Our no code platform is designed to encourage team collaboration. It invites everyone, from data specialists to business users, to become actively involved in data improvement.

  • Accessibility and inclusion We firmly believe that improving data is everyone's business. Our no-code solution makes it possible.

  • Traceability Tale of Data automatically documents user actions, guaranteeing seamless traceability.


  • Automated correction suggestions Our AI algorithms are used not only to detect anomalies, but also to provide the user with relevant suggestions for correction and transformation.

  • Decongestion of cascading teams The explosion in the number of use cases increases the number of requests made by the business to the IT and Data teams. The use of a no-code platform means that business teams can be much more autonomous and, consequently, Data and IT teams are called upon less frequently .

This approach fosters collaboration between different departments, helping to overcome team bottlenecks and promote more efficient scaling.


The advent of no code is shaping up to be a revolution in data management, promising a new era in which data quality becomes the backbone of high-performance artificial intelligence.

By democratizing data manipulation through platforms like Tale of Data, companies can finally engage in a collaborative and inclusive approach that fosters continuous data improvement and encourages innovation at all levels of the organization.



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