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Consolidate heterogeneous data

Open data, Intranet, Reuse, Collaborative work

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Consolidate heterogeneous data
for a complete and coherent view

Bringing together data from heterogeneous sources is essential for obtaining a clear and comprehensive view of your information. With Tale of Data, you can easily aggregate multiple databases, standardize data from different sources and reconcile your repositories.

Our solution enables you to overcome the challenges posed by the diversity of your data, giving you a unified, reliable view of your information assets.

Find out how our solution can help you aggregate, harmonize and leverage your heterogeneous data to make informed decisions and accelerate your digital transformation.

Bundle data
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Explore our real-life use cases and get the best possible overview of your data


Use case

Multiple database aggregation with record lineage

Easily aggregate multiple databases, whatever their source or format. 


Use case

Standardization of data from different sources

Standardizing your data from heterogeneous sources is quick and easy. 


Use case

Reconciliation of product catalog repositories

Eliminate duplication, harmonize information and guarantee the reliability of your vehicle data.

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