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Overcome the barriers of an obsolete application!

Your IS contains tools that do not all evolve at the same speed.

You want to optimize a legacy application and continue to access the richness of your data.

To stay competitive, move towards a connected ecosystem accessible to all your employees.


The need


Your main objectives are as follows: 

- cohabiting different tools, some of which are obsolete, while preserving access to data,

- enrich, control and clean up production data by cross-referencing heterogeneous databases that do not communicate with each other,

- makedata universally accessible,
- respond to business needs by rapidly producing on-demand reports,
- automate new IT processes,
- limit the cost of maintenance requiring specialized profiles,

- update reporting to keep pace with regulatory changes, ....

Proposed solution

Tale of Data offers a complete, tailored solution for remaining agile with a heterogeneous IS containing legacy tools.

Our solution is based on the following pillars:


  • Seamless integration : we seamlessly integrate our Tale of Data platform with existing infrastructure, using connectors and interfaces compatible with any system, even legacy ones. As a result, no major modifications are required, and no risk of destabilization is taken.

  • Data management : we implement advanced data management mechanisms. With Tale of Data, data is finally accessible to everyone, whatever their business or technical level. Our transparent solution overcomes obsolete systems and breaks down data barriers.

  • Crossing heterogeneous databases : by freeing itself from the constraints of unique keys, Tale of Data enables fluid communication between disparate databases, providing a complete, unified view of your data.

  • Report automation : thanks to our automation features, all employees can easily generate customized reports on demand, without the need for specialized resources or manual intervention. This optimizes processes and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Support and guidance : we offer our customers technical support and business expertise. Our dedicated team works closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide the right advice and recommendations.



The use of Tale of Data, a global Data Quality solution, enables you to : 

- promote cross-functional collaboration and the circulation of all data, by eliminating data silos,

- open up the wealth of data contained in obsolete applications to all company profiles (from operational staff to IT, finance and sales),

- innovate in crossbreeding and treatments, without risking destabilizing their production,

- increase reporting agility,
- limit tool evolution costs,
- adapt effortlessly to new developments, thanks to Tale of Data's ease of use.

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Use case

Unlock the hidden potential of your legacy data with our exclusive webinar available on YouTube :

Enhance the efficiency and agility of your Core Banking legacy system, the complete solution for exploiting and adding value to your banking data.

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Harness the full potential of your data by scheduling a demonstration

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