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I've been looking for a long time for a tool that lets business users control data, set alerts and make adjustments automatically.


I couldn't find one and so I set up Tale of Data.


Data is everywhere but it has no meaning unless everyone - including, and perhaps especially, non-specialists - can use it and get value from it. 


Jean-Christophe Bouramoué, President of Tale of Data

Our mission


Make data available, accessible, to everyone in his business.

The Tale of Data solution is part of a data-driven approach to managing the company.

Enhanced, transformed and enriched data frees business departments and data managers from IT processing - which often focuses on big projects that present complex challenges - and having to buy new, extremely expensive data. 

Who we are


French software publisher

Our clients are CAC 40 and ETI companies.

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Why choose Tale of Data?


Because making your data reliable, transforming it and monitoring it should be quick and easy.

Because managing data efficiently should be accessible to everyone, without knowing how to code.

Because 80% of the time spent on Data or Big Data projects should no longer be absorbed by data preparation.

Because data are the company's assets and everyone must be able to use them.

Because everyone needs to be autonomous to be productive and creative with data.

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