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Tale of Data use cases

A concrete solution tailored to your needs

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Use case

Reliability of product catalog data

Reliable data for a high-performance product catalog: improve the quality of your product data for an optimal shopping experience


Use case

Enhancing data reliability before migration to a new tool

Ensure a confident transition: guarantee the reliability of your data during migration to a new tool, for seamless operational continuity.

Optimize your aging IS and stay agile with modern, scalable solutions.


Use case

Staying agile with a legacy system


Multiple database aggregation with record lineage

Easily aggregate multiple databases, whatever their source or format. 

Use case


Use case

Standardization of data from different sources

Standardizing your data from heterogeneous sources is quick and easy. 


Use case

Reconciliation of product catalog repositories

Eliminate duplication, harmonize information and guarantee the reliability of your vehicle data.


Use case

Detection of administrative document fraud

Detect and prevent administrative document fraud and offer your organization enhanced protection.


Use case

IS security: prevention of sensitive information leaks

Use the power of data analysis to strengthen the security of your information system.


Use case

Identify, locate and manage sensitive personal data to ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.


Use case

Marketing campaigns 

Optimize your campaigns with reliable, enriched CRM data.

Optimizing -communication-campaigns

Use case

Optimizing communication campaigns 

Improve the accuracy of your campaigns by verifying identities and correcting addresses by verifying people's identities and correcting postal addresses


Use case

Unleash the potential of your existing systems in the banking and insurance sector by improving the quality and accessibility of your data.

False declarations

Misrepresentation, escheatment, risk assessment, solvency, etc.

Ensure the quality and integrity of your data for reliable, compliant decision-making.

Use case


Use case

BCBS 239: Compliance

Manage and control your data securely to meet regulatory requirements and strengthen your data governance.


Use case

Monitoring and improving sensor data quality 

Sensor data (IoT), financial transactions, plant information, anomaly detection


Use case

Data governance, a challenge for e-commerce

Discover how Tale of Data has revolutionized data management at Manutan by automating data processing, facilitating the merging of various sources and enabling efficient sharing of workflows. 

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Find out what our customers are saying about their experience with Tale of Data and how our software has helped their business improve the quality of their data.

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